Intro to Parkour Workshop (14 Sep 2019)


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Learn the basics of parkour, and rediscover the physical and mental benefits of movement. Everyone is welcome regardless of age and fitness level.

“If you’re looking to have a head-start in Parkour, look no further – you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Lovely community, can’t wait for my next session.” – Gwen Neo

Why learn Parkour?

  • It’s super fun and engaging – Parkour is a new and engaging way of working out and building overall fitness through functional movement and play.
  • Train your mind and your entire body – On top from physical training, parkour builds self-confidence and mental fortitude through progressive and resilient training.
  • You can do it anytime, anywhere – All you need is a good pair of runners and the world is your playground.

Intro to Parkour - SeniorsWhy try Parkour with us?

  • You learn from the best – Our Parkour coaches have combined experience of over 20 years in Parkour, and have been pushing boundaries of Parkour worldwide.
  • You are in good hands – Your wellbeing and growth are important to us, so we make sure your safety and progression in Parkour are tailored to your individual needs, no matter what your background is.
  • You’ll feel right at home – Our community of passionate fellow Parkour practitioners are happy to share their experience, and help you feel comfortable as we train together.

What kids and adults can expect

  • Quick introduction, safety briefing, and warm-up games
  • Basics of landing and jumping
  • Rail Balancing
  • Basics of Vaulting
  • Supervised Free Play + Q&A

What seniors can expect

  • Prep talk, aligning expectations and training mentality
  • Rediscovering the body and mind joint by joint, in coordination and in relation to obstacles
  • Strengthening fundamental movements with the help of obstacles
  • How to fall safely
  • Supervised Free Play + Q&A

Workshop Details

Date: 14 Sep 2019
Venue: The Star Vista, B1 Star Plaza

Acromind Parkour Beginners Workshop for Kids
by Asraf (Empowering Childhood)
Suitable for kids 7 to 12 years old. Time: 1200 – 1300, 14 Sep 2019

Phoenix Parkour Workshop (for Seniors)
by Shie Boon (MOVE Academy Singapore)
Suitable for seniors 50 years old and above. Time: 1300 – 1400, 14 Sep 2019

Parkour Fundamentals for Adults
by Fagan Cheong (MOVE Academy Singapore)
Suitable for youths and adults 13 to 49 years old. Time: 1400 – 1500, 14 Sep 2019

Ashton Movements Kids Workshop
by Ashton (Ashton Movements)
Suitable for kids 7 to 12 years old. Time: 1500 – 1600, 14 Sep 2019

Move Better with Parkour (Adults Introductory Class)
by Zatalini Zulkiply (Parkour Malaysia / Move Parkour)
Suitable for youths and adults 13 to 49 years old. Time: 1600 – 1700, 14 Sep 2019

About the coaches

Asraf Empowering Childhood

Asraf (Empowering Childhood)

Asraf has been a children’s Parkour and Gymnastics coach since 2008. With Empowering Childhood, he hopes to spread awareness on adult-children communication, how we can communicate with children more efficiently, and how an empowering environment can be a powerful medium for personal growth.

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Shie Boon MOVE Academy Singapore

Shie Boon (MOVE Academy Singapore)

Personally transformed for the better by Art du Déplacement and a huge passion for coaching, Shie Boon wishes to play a part in preserving and spreading the goodness of the discipline to people of all walks of life. He was featured in The Straits Times and Toggle for his initiative of helping seniors get active through Art du Déplacement / Parkour.

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Fagan MOVE Academy Singapore

Fagan Cheong (MOVE Academy Singapore)

Fagan is a movement enthusiast and one of the pioneers in the Parkour Singapore community, with firm foundations in Art Du Deplacement since 2003. Heavily influenced by the philosophies and training approaches of the Yamakasi, Ido Portal and Fighting Monkey, he strives to continue inspiring others to discover their fullest potential through the exploration of movement.

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Ashton Movements

Ashton (Ashton Movements)

Ashton started training Parkour since 2001, and is one of the pioneers and first contributors of the Parkour community in Singapore. He strives to push the progression of humanity through means of promoting education, knowledge, entrepreneurship and technology. 

Follow Ashton Movements on Facebook >

Zatalini Move Parkour

Zatalini Zulkiply (Parkour Malaysia)

Describing herself as momma, marketeer, movement monkey, traceuse, coach, and constant hustler, Zatalini is the vice president of Parkour Malaysia. She was also the first woman in Malaysia to pass the ADAPT Level 1 Parkour Coach Certification.

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$15 per workshop. You get an All-Event Access Pass (worth $25) for free when you attend a workshop.

Thank you to our Academy Partners


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Workshop Type

Kids: 1200 to 1300, Seniors: 1300 to 1400, Adults: 1400 to 1500, Kids: 1500 to 1600, Adults: 1600 to 1700

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