World Chase Tag


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A high-energy, fast-paced competitive format for everyone’s favourite childhood game, Chase Tag! This event is endorsed by the official World Chase Tag event.


$150 cash for the winning team of 3


  1. This is a knock-out team format that is played by two teams in each match. Each team has three athletes. There will be a maximum of 8 teams that will compete.
  2. The match is divided into sets. Each set consists of a pre-determined number of chases (usually 10-16 chases).
  3. Each chase is twenty seconds long and has one chaser and one evader from opposing teams. 
  4. The winning athlete in each chase stays on as the evader and the losing athlete is replaced by a teammate in a new chase who comes on as the Chaser. 
  5. If an athlete steps out of bounds, they lose that chase. A team is awarded one point when their athlete successfully evades their opponent for the entire duration of the chase (i.e. 20 seconds). 
  6. The team with the most points after of the pre-determined number of chases wins that set. Tags must be made with the hand (i.e. NOT your foot).

Time: 14 Sep, 1700 – 1900

Price: $30 per team of 3 participants. Each participant will have to sign up individually and pay $10. All 3 team members must state your team name during checkout so that we know that you belong to the same team.

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