Asian Parkour Championships


Qualified Athletes

Style Comp
Asian Parkour Championships

On-site Qualifiers

Interested competitors who would like to qualify for the finals of APC on Day 4 will have to first go through the on-site qualifiers. 

12 Sep, Thurs
Speed Qualifier: 1500 – 1600
Style Qualifier: 1600 – 1700


Asian Parkour Championships

Semis and Finals


– To Be Announced –

The champion of APC Style Comp will represent Asia in this year’s Redbull Art of Motion!



How It Works

Speed Competition
Competitors will have to navigate through point A to Point B in the quickest time possible while adhering to the rules involved in the route.

Style Competition
Competitors find ways to express themselves at the course specially built for the event. They have to assess their environment, finding out what moves they can execute in a line that would gain them points in 4 components – Flow, Creativity, Difficulty and Execution.

Who Can Participate?

Athletes who placed in last year’s APC, pre-qualified from our various APC regional qualifiers, and also through our online and on-site qualifiers.

15 Sep, Sunday
APC Semi-Finals: 1430 – 1630
APC Finals: 1700 – 1830