Activities Happening Throughout the Event

Open Jam

Open Jam

Meet the guests of the event, have a go on the LCG Set-up and train together! Learn and share with fellow practitioners, international and local.

People who are interested to learn Parkour can have a quick crash course in it too.


  • 12 Sep: 1400 - 1500, 1700 - 1900
  • 13 Sep: 1030 - 1500
  • 14 Sep: 1030 - 1200
  • 15 Sep: 1030 - 1130, 1335 - 1430

Public Challenges

Public Challenges

No time for an Intro to Parkour workshop? Have a brief taster of Parkour with our Public Challenges.

Win a prize base on the number of specific challenges completed, such as balancing on rail, going over a short wall, jumping from one block to another, swinging from one bar to another, and scaling up 2.5m wall.


  • 12 Sep: 1400 - 1500, 1700 - 1900
  • 13 Sep: 1030 - 1500
  • 14 Sep: 1030 - 1200
  • 15 Sep: 1030 - 1130

Athletes Challenges

Athletes Challenges

Challenge yourself to see how far you can go. There will be a scoreboard showing the scores of:

  • Most number of climb-ups
  • Most number of muscle-ups
  • Furthest Standing Board Jump
Prizes from our sponsors will be given out to winners of each day.

Happening all day from 12 to 15 Sep

Day 1, 12 Sep: APC On-site Qualifiers

VIP Workshop by CP

VIP Workshops for Invited Guests

Invited guests from our sponsors and partners will be invited to a fun and interesting introduction to Parkour led by our local athlete coach CP (Denester).

Time: 1200 - 1300

Opening Parkour Performance

Opening Parkour Performance by PKSG Athletes

Watch our athletes open the show with spectacular performance on the LCG Set-up. This will be a display of skills for the invited VIP guests and mall-goers.

Time: 1300 - 1305

APC Qualifier

Asian Parkour Championships On-site Qualifiers

Interested competitors who would like to qualify for the finals of APC on Day 4 will have to first go through the qualifiers. There will be a 1-hour speed qualifier and 1-hour style qualifier.

Time: 1500 - 1700

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Day 2, 13 Sep: Gathering Day

Skills Challenge

Skills Challenge

Put your Parkour skills to the test at our Parkour Skills Challenge, with two categories: Rookies and Advanced

Time: 1500 - 1900

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Kraken Movie Night

Kraken Movie Night

Take a chill night off after a long day of training at our local parkour gym, Kraken Gym. Enjoy video screening of selected videos in the past year curated by our PKSG leaders, including a few premieres. Newcomers can take this opportunity to learn about what shaped Parkour into the scene it is now.

Time: 2000 - 2200

Day 3, 14 Sep: Workshop Day & World Chase Tag

Intro Parkour Workshop

Intro to Parkour Workshops

Short introductory lessons on the basics of Parkour and how to progress safely. Suitable for kids, adults and seniors.

1200 - 1700

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Specialty Workshops

Specialty Workshops by Guest Coaches

4 Specialty Workshops run by renowned international coaches that will be teaching specialty skills. Suitable for intermediate level practitioners who want to learn more from them.

Time: 1300 - 1700

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World Chase Tag

World Chase Tag

A high-energy, fast-paced competitive format for everyone’s favourite childhood game – Chase Tag! This event is endorsed by the official World Chase Tag event.

Time: 1700 - 1900

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Stomp The Yard

Stomp The Yard

Join us as we push the limits of Parkour at The Yard with Parkour equipment, foam pits, trampolines and a huge floor, for open jams and mini competitions. This is where lucky draw results will be announced as well!

Time: 2000 - 2200

Day 4, 15 Sep: Competition Day

Rookies and Youth Comps

Rookies and Youth Comps

Speed and style competitions for the rookies and youths. Stand to win prizes with great speed or great style. No pre-qualification required.

Time: 1130 - 1330

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APC Semis and Final

APC Semis and Finals

The biggest Parkour/Freerunning competition in Asia. Athletes will compete base on speed or style. Pre-qualification from our various APC qualifiers is required.

APC Semis: 1430 - 1630
APC Finals: 1700 - 1830

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12 Sep 2019

Day 1 – APC On-site Qualifiers

 Pre-Event Registration and Goodie Bag Collection
1155 Opening and Safety Brief
1200 VIP Special Guests and Influencer Workshop + Games by CP/Denester
1300 Opening Performance with PKSG Performers
1305 Open Jam / Public Challenges / Athletes Challenges

APC On-site Qualifier
1500 APC Speed Qualifier Briefing
1505 APC Speed Qualifier Practice Time
1515 APC Speed Qualifier
1600 APC Style Qualifier Briefing
1605 APC Style Qualifier Practice Time
1615 APC Style Qualifier
1655 Announcement of Finalists

1700 Open Jam / Public Challenges / Athletes Challenges
1900 End of Day 1

13 Sep 2019

Day 2 – Gathering Day

Pre-event Registration and Goodie Bag Collection
1025 Opening and Safety Brief
1030 Open Jam / Public Challenges / Athletes Challenges

Skills Challenge
1500 Rookies Skills Challenge Qualifiers
1600 Advanced Skills Challenge Qualifiers
1700 Rookies Skills Challenge Finals
1800 Advanced Skills Challenge 2nd Round / Finals

1900 Dinner Break
2000 Kraken Movie Night

14 Sep 2019

Day 3 – Workshop Day & World Chase Tag

Pre-event Registration and Goodie Bag Collection
1025 Opening and Safety Brief
1030 Open Jam / Public Challenges / Athletes Challenges

Intro to Parkour Workshops
1200 Acromind Parkour Beginners Workshop for Kids by Asraf (Empowering Childhood)
1300 Seniors Parkour Workshop by Shie Boon (MOVE Academy Singapore)
1400 Parkour Fundamentals for Adults by Fagan Cheong
1500 Ashton Movements Kids Workshop by Ashton (Ashton Movements)
1600 Move Better with Parkour (Adults Introductory Class) by Zatalini Zulkiply (PKMY)

Specialty Workshops

1200 The Path of Least Risk-sistence by Nachos (Singapore)
1400 Flip Precision by Nate Weston (USA)
1500 Breaking Jumps by Hazal Nehir (Turkey)
1600 Movement Flow by Jowenson Ian Sy (Philippines)

1700 World Chase Tag (Open 3v3)

1900 Dinner Break, Move to Stomp The Yard
2000 Commencement of Stomp The Yard

15 Sep 2019

Day 4 – Competition Day

Pre-event Competition Registration and Goodie Bag Collection
1025 Opening and Safety Brief
1030 Open Jam / Public Challenges / Athletes Challenges

Rookies and Youth Comp
1130 Introduction of Speed Comp Route
1135 Practice Time for Speed Comp
1145 Start of Speed Run Comp
1230 Briefing of Style Comp
1235 Practice Time for Style Comp
1250 Start of Style Comp
1330 Prize Presentation for Rookies & Youth Comps

1335 Break and Open Jam

APC Semis (Women’s and Open’s)
1430 APC Speed Comp Semis Briefing
1435 Practice Time for Speed Comp Semis
1445 Start of Speed Comp Semis
1530 APC Style Comp Semis Briefing
1535 Practice Time for Style Comp Semis
1550 Start of Style Comp Semis
1630 Announcement of Finalists

1635 Break

APC Finals (Women’s and Open’s)
1700 APC Speed Comp Finals Briefing
1705 Practice Time for Speed Comp Finals
1715 Start of Speed Comp Finals
1740 APC Style Comp Finals Briefing
1745 Practice Time for Style Comp Finals
1800 Start of Style Comp Finals
1820 End of Finals
1830 Prize Presentation by VIP MP Ong Ye Kung

2000 End of LCG Event



Star Vista Atrium, 1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617

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